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Essay About Myself was able to help me with my essay for college. At first I thought it was easy to do, but when I was about to write it, I found myself with nothing to write. They helped me a lot with my essay. The essay was uniquely done and with much creativity. I did not have a hard time with my essays anymore.”

Christine, Germany

“Essay About Myself” Story from Our Satisfied Client

Write essay about myself… get into college!

I never was a good writer.  I was always a good student in high school, but for some reason writing just never stuck with me.  In my senior year I was faced with deciding what college I wanted to go to for furthering my education and getting a good job, just like my parents and teachers had been preaching for years.  I already knew I wanted to go to law school and be a lawyer.  Unfortunately I ran into a major road block while applying to school: I was required to write an essay about myself and why I should be accepted.

At that point I knew I would be rejected because I couldn’t write to save my life!  I could deliver any argument for any case or legal debate on the spot, but asking me to produce an essay about myself was the equivalent of asking me to flap my wings and fly away.  I knew I had to take some action fast, so I got on the internet and searched “write essay about myself.”  That’s when I discovered and their services!

Personal Statement Help

I read about the services they were offering and I thought hard about it.  I knew that if I wrote my own statement it would have been terrible!  But this service was telling everyone about how their writers are all professionals and how they’ve helped a lot of students make it into school and get through school as well.  This was what I needed!  Then I saw their prices and how low they were.

“Wait a minute,” I said in an email to them, “you’ll write essay about myself for that low price?  There’s got to be a catch.”  I was surprised to get a response that same day telling me that the price advertised was the final price, and that they’d also do any personal statement editing I needed afterwards.  I decided to go for it. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made (other than marrying my beautiful wife).

They Really Worked!

After I made the payment with my credit card through their secure online system, I was quickly contacted by a representative.  I let him know exactly what I needed for this essay and he said “No problem.”  Low and behold I got my personal statement in a week, 100% ready to submit with my college application.  Two months later I got accepted!

They helped me and they can help you too.  They’ll write an essay about yourself for an incredibly low price.  If you already have an essay but aren’t satisfied with the draft, they also do personal statement editing and other cosmetic writing to touch up your paper.  I hired them several more times throughout my time in school.  At this point I’m a junior partner in a reputable law firm, married to my college sweetheart, and living a great life.  I owe it all to these writers and this writing service.

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