Describe Myself Essay Prompts

What is a “Describing Myself Essay?”

Describing yourself in an essay is a form of creative writing for it requires certain creativity to write about you. College applications, job applications, and even classroom requirements ask us to write a “describe myself essay”. In writing essays describing myself, the person requiring such essay often give essay prompts to begin describing myself. In order to begin writing an essay describing myself, you can begin by writing a few sentences about you and eventually, more and more ideas would come out—some are relevant, some are not. The information you need to include in your “describing myself essay” depends on the flow and focus of your essay.

Describing yourself in a college essay is an easy task to do but requires some of your time and efforts too. The same effort is required in job application personal letters and even in the simple essay exercise required by your college professor or high school teacher. There are some services that are highly recommended for admission essay writing if you’re really struggling with it.

Some Describe Myself Essay Prompts

Although each requirement asking you to write an essay describing yourself has different instructions, there are general things they ask you to include. These are called essay prompts. Essay prompts are also helpful in preparing you to write an essay about yourself since some companies, schools, and other institutions require you to write an essay about yourself in an impromptu manner. Some schools however provide the topic for your essay beforehand. To help you out, here are a few essay prompts in writing a “describe myself essay”.

  • The most common describe myself essay prompt is the “describe yourself” question. In this type of essay, the college or job you want to enter wants to know you better and see how you present yourself. This type of essay is usually required in the admission process.

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  • Another common essay prompt to describe yourself in an essay is the question “Why do you want to be a part of this institution or degree program or job?” These types of questions seek for the reasons why you are enthusiastic and serious about getting in. This question is very general so you should be sure to answer concisely and clearly as possible.
  •  “What is your motivation” and “Who influenced you to pursue this career path” are also common essay prompts in order for you to introduce yourself.
  • While these things are easy to answer and very common, you still need time to focus on writing an essay describing yourself since it can be the key for you to enter the school, university, or job you are seeking.

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