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ESSAY ABOUT MYSELF SAMPLEStaring at all those blank canvases in Mr. Kraine Devaughn’s art class, she marvelled at the beauty of what could she draw on it. She is not like any other kid for she does not settle in crayons and paper like any other kid—she likes to make art. There are a lot of things going on through her mind, from landscapes to portraits although she was only five. She cannot decide what to draw thinking whether or not she could give justice to the thing she would draw. One thing she knows though, the ability to make art is in everyone’s hand. As the years went by, her life which she considers a blank canvas turns into a picture of an art enthusiast longing for more knowledge of art.

From the arts class room and outside, art has always been in her mind and she lives art. She joined the AAA Middle School arts club and became the president of the club in seventh grade. In high school, she also joined many art contents and was a participant in a community mural painting. She does not consider herself good though, for she believes that there are a thousand ways to make art and she only knows a few. She considers entering an arts program in a university as a great opportunity for her to learn more about art and to share what she knows to other people as well.

For Alexandra Gonefree, college is a thing worth waiting for, not just because she’ll be free from her parents but because she will be able to manage and learn to live an independent life. As one of the things she was waiting for, securing a slot for the Arts program is a thing worth her time and effort. Because of Mr. Devaughn, her arts teacher who is an alumnus of XXX University, Alexandra Gonefree considers this university as her best shot in achieving a college life that is academic, fun, and worthwhile. It is obvious that she wants to enter the Fine Arts Program of XXX University because she wanted to be an artist since childhood.

Writer Comments this Sample Essay About Myself:

Example essays about myself are difficult to write. However, writing a personal statement to be read enthusiastically by the admissions committee is all about style. There are a lot, in fact thousands, of college applications every year. Each student’s goal must be a personal statement worth reading since it is their key to entering college. With regards to style, this “sample essay about myself” is worth reading because it is not in the usual form written in the first person. The use of a different approach is a good way to impress the admissions committee although the writer did not use embellishments and fancy words.  In general, this example essay about myself is a good read and a good sample to submit.

The main contents the admissions committee are looking for in a personal statement are present in this sample essay about myself: personal circumstances, style, enthusiasm, experiences, achievements, and inspiration. Grammar and content wise, it is a great essay about myself.

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