How to Write a College Essay about Yourself

Many students are stressed out when they do not know how to start a college essay about themselves. College essay about yourself is one of the most exciting parts of the application process and even when professors require you to write it during your first day at the university. It is an interesting part of the application because you have the chance to write about the most special person in your life—yourself!

There are a lot of college essay examples about yourself in the internet. Some opt to copy available essays and end up not being admitted in the program of their choice in their chosen college or university. Learning how to write a college essay about yourself is a great activity because it helps you know yourself better, your strengths, and your weaknesses. You may ask how you would be able to write a college essay about myself. Here are a few tips in learning how to write a college essay about yourself.

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Purpose of learning how to write a college essay about yourself

As stated earlier, a college essay about yourself is a requirement in most universities during the admission phase. Short as it is, the college essay about yourself is the opportunity to show the university who you are and what you can offer to the university. It also contains information why you are a perfect candidate for the degree program you wish to enter.

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 Some tips to help you write a college essay about yourself

Learning how to write a college essay about yourself is an easy thing. It is easy because you know the subject matter well unlike any other essay. To begin writing your essay, here are a few tips you might want to consider.

  1.  Start writing early to have plenty of time for revisions.
  2. Think about your traits, education, experiences, influences, inspirations, accomplishments, and other relevant things you want to include in your essay. After compiling all information, you can choose the necessary information that would fit into your story focus.
  3. Write a concise essay about yourself because the reader has tons of essays to read.
  4. Be sure that what you submitted can grab the reader’s attention for greater chances of securing a slot in the program you want to enter. Make the reader like you.
  5. Be honest about what you write. Avoid embellishments that are not true because you want to impress the admissions committee. Nothing is more impressive than an honest essay.
  6. Write an essay that would separate you apart from thousands of applications. Ask yourself why you are the best candidate for that program and answer it in a humble manner and not in an arrogant tone.
  7. Be sure to avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes.

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