Write an Essay about Myself with Our Writers

I Have to Write an Essay about Myself?

The most common inquiry we receive from potential customers is, “I have to write an essay about myself for my university application.  Can you guys help me with this?”  Of course our answer is always yes.  At this professional essay writing service, we understand the challenges and demands facing students in this day and age.

Many students today have even more to struggle against than our professional personal statement writers and support staff did when they were in university.  After all, writing essays isn’t the only challenge the average student faces these days.  There is also a large influx of people going back to school for a new career which often crowds out new students trying to enter university for the first time.  In order to filter out the “least desirable” applicants, prospective students are required to complete a university application personal statement that will be reviewed by the admissions offices.

Need to Write a University Application Personal Statement?  Call on Us.

Our writing service employs some of the best professional personal statement writers in the industry.  All of them are seasoned writers with degrees in higher education who specialize in writing essays in a number of fields, including medical school essays, law school essays, philosophy, history, and more.  Whatever you need for your personal statement, we guarantee we have a personal statement writer who will be able to come up with an original essay written in your name that will surely impress the admissions office at your dream school.

What Does it Cost?  What’s the Risk?

We’re often asked, “How much will it cost for your professional personal statement writers to write an essay about myself?  What am I risking here?”  We understand the concerns of our customers, especially since there are other writing services out there that charge a lot of money and don’t do a very good job of writing.

We offer our services at a very low cost, charging more only when the deadline is only a few days away.  The risk of trying our service is very low.  When you make your credit card payment, you’ll be using a secure online payment system that safeguards your personal information and keeps it confidential.  Then a personal statement writer from one of our writing teams will be in contact with you, keeping in touch on a regular basis and providing you with updates and samples so you never have to wonder.  Then, in a week’s time you’ll have an excellent personal statement to submit with your application.  We can help you get into that dream school and make your dreams come true.